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Glenda Hotel - Tuan Chau has a luxurious architecture, close to nature, bring private space and comfortable for visitors to Tuan Chau, Ha Long. The resort has 7 rooms and luxury villas on the area of ​​800m2, in harmony with nature on the shore of the world heritage. Inspired by the traditional Vietnamese architecture and interior, luxurious amenities, private villas in the Glenda Hotel - Tuan Chau provide private and comfortable space for all travelers. guest. At the resort, guests will feel the sophistication of many services. Prominent is the bar and restaurant area next to the beach, open space design and cuisine by professional chefs. In addition, Glanda Hotel - Villa Homstay features a private pool facing the beach. The beach is 50m away from the hotel and is open for outdoor activities such as Party Pool, barbecue party ...

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